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This website was created in memory of a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.Marina Mary Dollard was born on September 18th 1946 and died on December 30th 2006.She was a very hardworking and dedicated woman who was always there when needed.She married her sweetheart Jim Dollard on April 6th 1968 and would have celebrated 39 wonderful years of marriagein April of this year.She had five children..Ron, Frances Ann, Jamey,Brad and Serina whom she dedicated her love and guidance to.She had seven grandchildren who she adored..Mark, Tyler, Shanille, Joshua, Jordan, Victoria and Justin.Marina was a lively, smiling and energetic woman,never sick a day in her life, until September 16th 2006. After a courageous 3 month battle with cancer , she left us to join her maker.We love and miss you so very are forever in our hearts.


I am home in heaven dear ones
Oh so happy and so bright
There is perfect joy and beauty
in this everlasting light
All the pain and grief is over
Every restless tossing passed
I am now at peace forever
Safely home in heaven at last !!
Thank you to all who have contributed to this site by lighting candles or leaving tributes or is greatly appreciated

Never in your lifetime take what you have for granted...treat each and every day as if it is your last,becauae you never know what is to come..these are words I now live by

Tributes and Condolences
God Only takes The Best   / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
An angel in the bookof life wrote down mymothers birth,and whisperedas she closed the book too beautiful for this earthA heart of gold stopped beatingtwo shining eyes at restGod broke our hearts to provehe only takes the bestGod knows you had to leav...  Continue >>
A Tribute to My MOm   / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
It has been a long four months but you are finally at peace.There are no words to describe the pain we feel but take consolation in the fact that you no longer feel yours.We will always remember the many years of love and care you gave us and take co...  Continue >>
Hey Mom!!   / Serina Dollard (Daughter)
Hi Mom, just wanted to write to you one last time before this website expires. Gonna miss it but I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later huh? Christmas is just around the corner and I am almost done. Just waiting on Jamey, Brad, and...  Continue >>
Happy 62nd birthday Mom!!   / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)
Happy Birthday Mom, it's a cold and miserable night. Kind of the way I'm feeling right now...but I know you're probably celebrating by doing the jive right now with maybe....Uncle Freddy. LOL!! Dad and I put roses on your grave today. It was raining...  Continue >>
Its been awhile   / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Hey Mom..Its been awhile since I've writen but I just wanted to touch base.Serina and I were up with dad yesterday to do his fall cleaning..boy it had to be cleaned.I told him it was the cleanest oven I had ever seen that had not been cleaned in two ...  Continue >>
It's Been Awhile  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)    Read >>
Finally!!!!!!! / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)    Read >>
Missing you at this special time  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)    Read >>
Not here yet  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)    Read >>
Hey Mom  / Frances Piercey (daughter)    Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)    Read >>
Thinking of You in this Busy Time Mom.....  / Brad (Son)    Read >>
Missing you so!!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)    Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (daughter)    Read >>
Hey Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)    Read >>
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Her legacy
The Legacy that is "Marina Gabriel Dollard"  
Life is precious and few people live and acknowledge with certanity and truth what beliefs that they hold closest to them.She taught me this and I live through her example. She didn't have to look "left or right" or behind her when she made a decision. Her love for life was always a beacon that shone in her eyes. She enjoyed everyday experiences; what is more important, she rarely showed displeasure or spoke ill of any difficult situation she confronted.
Marina showed and demonstrated that she was a"pillar of strength" and stood steadfast always in her convictions. She loved life and the family around her. She was blessed with such a strong spirit, formed from years of living a simple life. Nothing was surreal to her; she was practical in every aspect of her life! All of this was exemplified by the way she lived, and was even more evident in the closing chapter of her life"she was very brave"
She lived and she epitomizes what it means to have "grace and dignity" and her memory has been emblazoned within me.
Most importantly her beauty that was so evident on the outside..emanated from the inside. God blessed certainly can be counted as one of Gods own now.
As I walk the miles of my life that remain, I certainly will pause and thank you for giving me the same unbreakable and undiminished spirit!
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