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Happy Birthday Mom !!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)

A very happy birthday Mom..I cannot believe that this is the first time in my life that I cannot wish it to you in person but i know you hear me from above.Serina Dad and I laid flowers for you today but I was a little upset when I went wedding bouquet that I left after Serinas wedding is gone.i LOOKED ALL OVER THE GRAVEYARD AND IT IS NOT THERE!!Did you come and get it ..LOL.I don't know why someone would take that and not all the beautiful statues we have there.It did not blow away because I buried it benaeth the rocks.Anyway I just wanted to tell you how very much we miss and love you!1I went up with Dad for awhile tonight and he was sad but still doing know what I mean..LOVE YOY MOM!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)
Hi Mom,
just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Some may think that it's not appropriate but I think you're having a heck of a time up there today. Dad, Frances Ann, and I laid flowers for you today. They're beautiful and they smell so pretty. We're finally moved into our house now. Still a lot of unpacking but at least we're in. Once everything is unpacked we're gonna get Dad up for supper. He's still doing well. These last couple of days have been hard on all of us I'm sure. But we get through. Well...just wanted to say Happy Birthday and that I miss and love u lots. Bye Mom.

P.S. thanks for the help at bingo. HAHA
One year anniversary  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
One year anniversary  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)
Hey Mom, I'm sitting here today reliving every moment of this day last year..the day you first went in the hospital.I remember being up there with Shanille and how you were not feeling well but still gave everything you had to play with her.I remember coming home and laying on the couch to watch tv and getting that horrible call from Dad.So needless to say I am finding this day very hard.Dad has been a little down this week but I talked to him and he did admit its because of today and your birthday Tuesday.He is still doing very good and as I told you before we are taking care of him.He has the flu now and won't take anything,stubborn as ever.Anyway I just wanted to talk to you for awhile,it always makes me feel better.I love and miss you.
By the way..instead of fixing the bingo balls why don't you try the lotto..Ha Ha!! Close
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (daughter)
Hi Mom,
just wanted to say hi and tell u how much I miss u and love u. The wedding went off without a hitch. The only thing missing of course was u but I know you were by my side the whole time. I think you would have been very proud of me Mom...I held it together most of the day and night. Dad was so handsome as well as your oldest girl and your two sons. Eddie was a little emotional if you can call it that. He cried for everything. Well, I guess I should be means he cares. As Frances Ann were honored a number of ways at the wedding. It was beautiful seeing everyone jiving in your memory. Noone can do it quite like you though. I hope you didn't beat out your brothers dancing to that one up there. 
Eddie and I just bought Sharon and Wayne's house. We're in the process of moving now so it's still a bit busy for us. We're gonna have Christmas dinner or supper. I'm not quite sure yet but we're gonna get Dad, Frances Ann, Mark and the kids up. Well, just wanted to say a quick hi and tell you that I love you very much. Chat to you soon Mom.
P.S. Dad and I are going to bingo so if you could float down and pick our balls that would be great. LOL!! 

Love u Mom Close
The wedding  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
The wedding  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

Well Mom the wedding was a huge success and your baby girl was so beautiful.You were remembered in wonderful ways and I know you were watching from above.Serina said she could feel your presence.The whole family looked great and Dad was so handsome..he did great and I was so proud of him because I know it was a very dificult day for him as it was for all of us.Brad and Julie are just gone back and Jamey leaves tomorrow.You would have loved Julie Mom..she is so sweet and treats Brad so well.Anyway just wanted to check in..I missed you so much this week.Tomorrow I am going up to put my bouquet on your grave..a little part of the wedding just for you.I love you!!

The big day!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
The big day!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)
Well Mom the big day is only 2 days away and I am missing you so much right now.The only thing that keeps me strong is knowing Serina must be feeling the loss of you so much more right now and I have to be strong for her.I cannot imagine what I would have felt like if you were not here for my wedding.Jamey is here and Brad arrives today.I am doing for them what you would have but I know it is not the same.Dad is doing really good..we are so proud of him and I know you are too.Keep watching over him.I love and miss you over us on Saturday. Close
Hey Mom!!  / Serina Dollard (daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina Dollard (daughter)
Hey Mom,
how's it going up there. Well I guess you had somewhat of a family reunion in the last week. I would never have guessed that Uncle Freddy was 74 that's for sure. I was just checking out some pics from Canada's Wonderland of Brad, Tyler, Julie, and her little boy. You snatched him a hottie that's for sure. He looks very happy. She seems very sweet. Well, this will be the last time I write to you before the wedding. There's a lot of planning left to do so I'll be busy with that and work. Well, I just felt like saying hi...I have to get ready for work now. Love you lots.

Serina Close
Thinking about you  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Thinking about you  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)
I have been thinking about you so much lately.I think back to this time last year when your symptoms were starting to show and you were going to Ontario.At the time we thought as you did that it was just something simple like working too hard.
We had Serinas shower last night and the only thing missing was you.We did talk about you and all the wonderful memories but we missed having you here with us.
On a brighter note Dad is doing wonderful.He is eating well and taking care of himself.He wants to start going to bingo if you can believe it!I think he has finally come to the realization that he has to go on and live what time he has left for all of us.
Well Mom I will do my best to make Serinas day everything it should be and I know you will be smiling down on us and be with us in spirit1
I love and miss you so very much! Close
Just Checking In  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)  Read >>
Just Checking In  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)
Hey Mom,
I felt like talking to you today so I figured this was the next best thing. We went to Corner Brook yesterday to get Dad fitted for his tux. He looked so handsome. The only thing that would have made him look any better was you next to his side in that pretty pink dress you picked out for my wedding. Dad is doing exceptionally well would be so proud of him. I know we all are.  Well...time is getting near and boy it is getting stressful. I never realized how much there is to planning a wedding. Every little detail matters I tell you. I guess this will probably be the last time I write to you before the wedding. Things will get hectic between juggling work and wedding plans but I will enjoy every minute of it. There's gonna be a dance in your memory that night so I look forward to dancing with you because I know you'll be jiving your heart out up there. Love and miss you so much Mommy. Talk to you soon. 

Serina Close
Hey mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Hey mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Hey Mom I miss you so much right now I cannot put it into words.Shanille and serina were down with dad tonight and it seemed like you should have been there.Life is so unfair and I want you here bit know i have to go on without your physical pressence.I love you Mom Close
Dad is coming home  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Dad is coming home  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Well Mom after 7 weeks Dad is finally coming home.You have to help give him the strength to be strong and stay healthy.Serinas wedding is coming up and he needs to be there for both of you.I cleaned your house today and all I could think was Mom would cringe if she was here to see the dust,not to mention Codys hair.Anyway the house is clean and fresh for Dad to come home just as you would have done..Love and miss you Mom Close
Mom don't worry about your baby girl Serina  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Mom don't worry about your baby girl Serina  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Hey Mom
just wanted to send a message to let you know not to worry about your baby girl Serina.I am here to be the mother that you would have been to her and the grandmother you would have been to Shanille.I think Serina may be feeling a little down and upset with her wedding coming up with you gone and dad in the hospital.With all this taking place it may sem to her that her wedding is on the back burner..but you know I would never let that happen.I will make sure that her day is special and let her know that you are smiling down on her..your baby girl Close
I Miss You So Much!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)  Read >>
I Miss You So Much!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)
Hi Mom,
it's me, your baby girl. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Especially when Shanille does something exciting and new and I wanna pick up the phone and call you to tell you. I wish there was a direct line to heaven. Well, my big day is coming up and I still don't know how I am gonna get through that without you. I will though because I have the rest of my family to help me. I'll have my license soon. I'll be able to come and visit your resting place more often. Can't wait. I hope you knew how very proud we ALL were to have a mother like you. Noone will ever take your place and I look forward to the day that we are reunited again Mom. I love you. Good night. Close
Hey mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Hey mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
I love this site, it is almost like a journal to me where i can keep in touch with you.Well Mark Jr. and I are going up to the grave yard tomorrow to finish doing up your plot. He asked me today what graveyard you are in.I don't think he really wants to go but he will because he does not want to see me lifting all those heavy bags of rock. You know what he is time for anything sad. It will be nice for Mark and I to spend some time together doing something for someone we loved so much.He finally told me tonight  that he misses his Nana..and in the next breath told me not to tell anyone..16 is a crucial have a reputation to uphold.Anyway we will do our best to make your resting place a beautifil one...Love you Close
To A Wonderful & So Well Spirited Woman!!  / Barbi &. Lenny (Friends)  Read >>
To A Wonderful & So Well Spirited Woman!!  / Barbi &. Lenny (Friends)
Marina was one of the most happiest and well spirited person I knew. She was such a hard working and an extremely kind hearted person. Always had a smile and she lit up the room whenever she was in it. Always put others ahead of herself and was always there when needed. She will be sadly missed. Heaven is so lucky to have a wonderful woman like this in their presence. WE LOVE YOU MARINA AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close
Missing you mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Missing you mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
They say it gets better with time but I do not believe it.I miss you more now than I ever did and it has been four months. I am so grateflul to Brad who kept this site on the go because I missed it so much.,,I love and mis you so verey much Mom..Frances Ann Close
A most beautiful friend  / Betty Daniels (Friend)  Read >>
A most beautiful friend  / Betty Daniels (Friend)
One of the most beautiful women I have ever known.  Marina, as I think of you today, I remember  the many precious hours we spent together........ Days when we worked hard, but also laughed hard, when we teased each other over funny little things, when we shared experiences of joy and sorrow, when we were just happy to be in one another's company.  I miss you very much, but I am so happy that our lives crossed, and that I have been blessed  by your presence in my life.  I thank my God for you, and am grateful that through you I have been connectedwith your wonderful and faithful husband and children.      Blessings of peace and love!FGBC Close
A wonderful person who will be greatly missed  / Karen Young (friend of her children )  Read >>
A wonderful person who will be greatly missed  / Karen Young (friend of her children )
although i did not know you very well  Marina, the few times I did meet you, you always had a smile on your face. You truly were a wonderful lady, who raised remarkable kids, and touched so many peoples lives, you will be greatly missed. This site is just proof of how you touched so many people lives, and for those who did not really know you, gives them the opportunity to understand what a great lady you were.   My thoughts are with your family I know that you will face some hard times , like today mothers day, but as a family you will get thru it all, its hard to understand what someone is goin thru when they lose someone who is such an important part of their lives, but I have been there and I do know that there will be days that will be rough, but in time you will cherish the memories, and  no matter what she will always be with you in your hearts. 

Karen Close
Shanille and I  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Shanille and I  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

Dear Mom,Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day and tell you I love and miss you.I have Shanille tonight.Serina and Eddie wanted to go out..he is home for the weekend and Serina so needed a break.I know where she would be if you were still here with us,in your loving care.That is not possible and you know that I will love and care for her as you did.It is so strange how she came up with the name auntie and Nana all in one and that is what I will be to her.I will be her nantie and Nana and will shower her with love and care as you would have done..Love you Mom

God Bless her  / Samina Ansari (net friend on our group )  Read >>
God Bless her  / Samina Ansari (net friend on our group )

I  like to offer my candolence to your MOM .I think the website for her is  the best way to feel her among you all. I read the messages they are all lovely. I would like to say MOM is the first word the child says when comes into this world. She would always be there. God Bless her and also gives you all to bear the strengh for such a BIG loss.

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