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Dear Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

Well Mom this will be the last message I write here before Dad gets to see it.Do not worry we are taking very good care of him..fixed his favorite jeans on my sewing machine..boy was he happy.
It has been a hard week..Mothers day is coming and I feel so lonely and we found out this week that Kevin will now start the same battle that you went through.It is VERY hard for me to watch but I will do it.I will be there for Mark,my kids Helen and espicially Kevin because no matter how hard it is that is what you would want me to do and that is what I want to do.He was always like a second father to me and I will do what I can.Happy Mothers Day keep me strong..I love you

To my Father in law  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

I am asking all who come on this site to please remember my father in law in their prayers as he is going through the same battle that my Mom did...Thank you for your kindness

A Mother's Day Thought for You  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
A Mother's Day Thought for You  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

What a wonderful woman  / Bethany Miller (Daughter of Jerry Polk )  Read >>
What a wonderful woman  / Bethany Miller (Daughter of Jerry Polk )
I never knew her, but she reminds me ALOT of my dad. Sorry if I mess up the spelling..I get tears when I do this..I feel and share in your pain. My dad died from a battle with cancer in Jan. 11, 2007. It was a short battle but just as painful if he would have suffered for a long period of time. Please know that I am here for you. I know that you hear that alot, but this is coming from someone who has been there and is still here grieving. My dad's name is Jerry Lynn Polk, he too has a website..please makes us feel so good to know that people care. May God surround us in his comfort ~Bethany~ Close
Thank you  / Dana Delaney-Young   Read >>
Thank you  / Dana Delaney-Young
Marina was my second mom when I was younger. I spent many weekends with Serina and Marina (Mrs. Dollard) was very kind to me. I loved spending time there. We always had so much fun...didn't we Serina. She was the sweetest woman I've ever met and will be missed by all! I will remember you always. Close
Happy Mothers day Mom !  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Happy Mothers day Mom !  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

As Mothers Day was approaching I began to feel such an empty feeling.I could not begin to know what I could do for my Mother who was no longer physically here with us.I wanted to do something to honour you and this memorial is what I came up with.The response has been amazing!Your family always knew what a special woman you were but we now know that everyone you touched or met thought so also.When you moved back to St.Georges two years ago it was a gift to me.We were no longer just Mother and daughter we were best friends.I really miss my best friend right now but know you are at peace and so much better off.September 16 changed my life forever and I have to learn to live with that.I remember when you came home from the would call and say..are you coming up tonight to make loved to just sit there and watch me.I miss you so much Mom but I will live on and honour your memory ..the very special person that you were.
Love forever Frances Ann

God Bless those who have loved and lost.  / Rebecca Tobin(White) (Friend to her children )  Read >>
God Bless those who have loved and lost.  / Rebecca Tobin(White) (Friend to her children )
God bless Marina's husband and family.I can only imagine the pain they must feel approaching this Mother's Day.
My prayers are with all of you who already have a special place in my heart.
Frances,Jamey,Brad and Serina, may God give you the strength! Close
2006 The Hardest Year of my Life !!!  / Brad Dollard (Son)  Read >>
2006 The Hardest Year of my Life !!!  / Brad Dollard (Son)

Dear Mom,  whenever I did a test in school you would ask me if I thought I did well.  I would say yeah but it was long.  With this your response would be well you must have did well.  No test I have ever done in my life was as hard a test as last year.  I have been thru some hard times in my life,  tests is what I call them,  but no test was ever as hard as the one that arrived December 30th, 2006. I guess we have to thank God that we were so blessed to have been raised by you.  It is sooooo hard to believe that not even a year ago you were here at my place in Ontario laughing so hard at,  and having a great time with me and my friends.  I have a picture hanging right next to my computer of when you were here.  You have your arms around me and I only have one regret of that picture,  I only have one arm around you,  if I had my time back I would have 2 wrapped tightly.  I guess there is a moral and it is take nothing for granted and life is not a rehearsel.  I have now found a real appreciation for the reason behind pictures of family and friends. I could go on forever but I will leave it at this; as I say to everyone else in this situation,  " I have not lost my Mom, I have gained a very special angel."  I love you mom,  and we will meet again.

Condolences / Sylvia Hicks   Read >>
Condolences / Sylvia Hicks
I would like to extend my Condolences to the Dollar Family. I didn't know Marina but i knew her children. I was very good friends with Serina. I also played ball with Frances Ann. She had the most friendly and caring children, they treated you with respect and dignity, all i can say if her children are as wonder as I say then She must have been such a lovely woman and I am sorry I missed the chance to know her. But through this site i am able to get a glimpse of the person she was, thank you. Close
In memory of a wonderful person  / Chris Young (Family Friend )  Read >>
In memory of a wonderful person  / Chris Young (Family Friend )

Every encounter I have had with Mrs. Dollard was a joy, she was a very friendly person who always left a smile on my face. As the old saying goes, “you can judge a person by the legacy they leave.” This is so true with Mrs. Dollard, I have had the pleasure of meeting all of her children and the pleasure of growing up with four of them, I have yet to meet a family with a more outgoing and caring demeanour, this is a credit to Mrs. Dollard.
Ron, Frances Ann, Jamey, Brad and Serina, I want to assure you that my heart broke with the news of your loss, and I still keep you in my prayers, God bless you.

Chris “Bundy” Young
Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Forever gone, but never forgotten!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)  Read >>
Forever gone, but never forgotten!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)
Dearest Mother, since that cold, horrible day in January that you were laid to rest...a piece of my heart was laid to rest with you. You were taken from us so suddenly and unfairly. I know you are gone to a better place now where you can no longer feel any pain and that you anxiously await the day that we are reunited again. I await that day too Mom...but I have a beautiful little girl to raise. Your precious granddaughter. I remember that day in January when Eddie and I were leaving the graveyard. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said ''Well now we have a beautiful guardian angel to watch over Shanille.'' He could not have spoken truer words. I know you are with us each and every day, somehow in my own way I feel that. Mom...I only hope that you are at peace where you are now. You have been reunited with your Mom and Dad, not to mention your brothers and sisters. You worked hard all your life taking care of your family. Now it is your turn to rest Mom. You will never be forgotten and will always be missed. I love you Mommy.
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