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God Only takes The Best  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

An angel in the book
of life wrote down my
mothers birth,and whispered
as she closed the book too beautiful for this earth
A heart of gold stopped beating
two shining eyes at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
he only takes the best
God knows you had to leave us
but you did not go alone
for part of us went with you
the day he took you home
to some you are forgotten
to others just the past
but to us who loved and lost you
your memory will always last!

A Tribute to My MOm  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)

It has been a long four months but you are finally at peace.There are no words to describe the pain we feel but take consolation in the fact that you no longer feel yours.
We will always remember the many years of love and care you gave us and take comfort in remembering the countless times you told us that you were proud of the people we were and the lives we had made for ourselves.
Well Mom, you and Dad made us the people we are.You taught us to always work hard and to strive for our goals.There is joy in our hearts when we remember the last two years of your life.You were there to see the birth of your first grandaughter and the joy she brought to your life for 18 months.You saw your daughter go on her dream trip while you cared  for your grandsons.Then you went to Ontario with your boys and saw your sons dream of entering the R.C.M.P. become a reality.
You always had a special relationship with your grandchildren and they will have those memories forever.For Shanille who is young and those yet to come they will be told the many stories of what a special woman their Nana was.
Well Mom you worked hard all of your life and now it is time for you to rest.However if we know our Mom, she is at this minute shining the pearly gates and saying Oh My !
We love you Nana

Hey Mom!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina Dollard (Daughter)

Hi Mom,

just wanted to write to you one last time before this website expires. Gonna miss it but I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later huh?

Christmas is just around the corner and I am almost done. Just waiting on Jamey, Brad, and Julie. Don't know what to send them. I tried convincing Dad to come up and spend the night Christmas eve but he doesn't want to. Set in his ways I guess.

Eddie's leaving to go away to work on Boxing Day. Guess the baby and I will be ringing in the New Year alone. That'll be different.

Well just wanted to tell you again how much you're loved and missed and there's not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Take care and I'll talk to u soon. Love u.


Happy 62nd birthday Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
Happy 62nd birthday Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)

Happy Birthday Mom,

it's a cold and miserable night. Kind of the way I'm feeling right now...but I know you're probably celebrating by doing the jive right now with maybe....Uncle Freddy. LOL!! Dad and I put roses on your grave today. It was raining and I remember saying ''Boy it's a good thing I love her''. LOL!

Eddie and I are getting ready to go to Florida in a couple of weeks. I'm a little nervous about leaving the baby though. And I know Sissy is gonna read this but I can't help it. I'm sure she'll be fine though. It's gonna kill me not being able to talk to her for 12 whole days. I don't know what Eddie and I would do without Dad and Frances Ann...I guess we wouldn't be going. It'll be the honeymoon we never had. Can't wait. I'll get to see my beautiful niece Cassidy. She is gorgeous Mom but you already knew that. Jamey is supposed to fly Dad up to meet her. Dad can't wait. He's so excited. I have some outfits to send up too. I will have to bring her back a souvenir from Florida though.

Well Mom I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and remember that we all love u. Shanille sends u kisses.

Love Serina

Its been awhile  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Its been awhile  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Hey Mom..Its been awhile since I've writen but I just wanted to touch base.Serina and I were up with dad yesterday to do his fall cleaning..boy it had to be cleaned.I told him it was the cleanest oven I had ever seen that had not been cleaned in two because he doesn't cook.Well I think we did you proud..I am my mothers daughter.Iam going to try and quit smoking on Tuesday..It was two years ago on Tuesday that you went in the hospital for the first time.I miss you so much and wish you were here.There are so many things that we want you here for.I wish you could have been here for Cassidys birth..Marks Graduation..and all the things you are missing..but that was not Gods will and we have to accept that.Well Mom its getting late and I have to work in the morning..I love and miss you so very much!!! Close
It's Been Awhile  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
It's Been Awhile  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)

Hey Mom,

how goes the Pearly White Gates...that nice huh. I figured it's been too long since I've dropped a note so with your birthday coming up soon I felt it was time.

Well a year and eight months has gone by and you're still dearly missed. Brad has become a daddy now and Cassidy Marina Dollard is just so incredibly beautiful. I know you would just eat her up. I will see her in October but only for a little while. Eddie and I are going to Florida and we have a stopover in Toronto for a little while so I'll get to see her then.

Shanille had her first sleepover with Gramps last Monday. Dad said she did perfect. He was telling her the story about the Big Bad Wolf but before he finished he looked up and she was fast asleep. She's gonna stay with Dad while Eddie and I are on our trip.

Well...I guess that's all for now. I'll write again soon. I love u Mom. You are forever in my heart.

Love Serina

Finally!!!!!!! / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
Finally!!!!!!! / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)

Hey Mom,

well she's finally here and she is a beauty. She is so pretty Mom and Brad looks so happy but then I don't have to tell you that because I know that you were right there with him and Julie. She was well worth the wait. She doesn't have a flaw. Nice full head of hair and they have to wake her up to feed her.

You would be proud of Brad and of the father that he will be now that Cassie is here. And it is through her and all of your kids and grandkids that you will live on.

I think Eddie and I may be going to Florida in October...that is if we can get  a lend of the money. I got my passport  sent for today. Help us out if you can. Guess I'll sign off for now. I wanna call Brad and chat a bit with him.

You are never forgotten Mom. I love u.


Missing you at this special time  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)  Read >>
Missing you at this special time  / Frances Ann Piercey (Daughter)
Well Mom, Marks graduation is only two days away and I am missing you so much right now.I always thought you would be here for his big day.Dad tried to squeeze himself into his old suit but no luck so he has to wear his new one..I just have to fix the sleeves..he sure will look handsome.The loss of you and kevin will be so profound when we sit down to supper and know there should be two more seats taken.I have to go to the awards ceremony tomorrow and present your memorial scholarship and will do so with pride.Helen has one in Kevins name this year and wants Mark to present it but I have a feeling I will end up doing it and again will be proud to do so.mark is enjoying life with his license and girlfriend and Tyler is doing well.We are all on pins and needles waiting for the newest addition to the family..she is a stubborn little one.Anyway we will all be thinking of you on Marks big day and I am sure I will see my special butterfly around us at some point..Love and miss you Mom! Close
Not here yet  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
Not here yet  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)

Hey Mom,

well that little granddaughter of yours...boy she is stubborn. She's giving Bradley and Julie a hard time and she's not even born yet. I keep telling Brad to hang in there but I know from experience it's hard when you're waiting and waiting. Maybe you can whisper in her ear and tell her to give her Daddy a break. LOL!! I cannot wait to meet my first niece. It will break my heart her being so far away but I will find my way to her.

I'm having a little trouble with Shanille now...she's been potty trained since she's been a little over a year and a half and now she's starting to poop in her pants. She's done it about 5 times now and I don't know what to do. I wish you were here. I call Frances Ann when I want to vent or ask questions but it is you I think of first.

Looking forward to the day we meet again.

Love you much Mom


Hey Mom  / Frances Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom  / Frances Piercey (daughter)

Happy belated Mothers day mom.Sorry I didn't write sooner but this year was devastating,much more so than last year.I think its because there are so many things going on that I would love you to be here for..espicially Brads baby.Just know you are thought of each and every moment

I Love and miss you

Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)

Hi Mom, wow what a week this has been. Another Mother's Day come and gone and your absence was felt profoundly. It was a bit of a hard day but I am in high spirits now because your baby boy is about to become a Daddy. Julie went in today and it would seem that anytime soon we will welcome Cassidy Marina Dollard to the world. That's if the ultrasound was correct like Brad said. He is very excited and I am so very happy for him. Well I'll keep you posted. Love u so much Mom.

Thinking of You in this Busy Time Mom.....  / Brad (Son)  Read >>
Thinking of You in this Busy Time Mom.....  / Brad (Son)

Hi Mom,

It's 3 days til Mother's Day,  7 days til my birthday,  and ANY day til you have helped bring another child into the world.  My 1st baby is due any day,  I am very excited.  Only one bummer about the whole deal and that is you will never have met her ( Cassidy; unless ultrasound is wrong ).  I remember you always said you could not wait to meet her and unfortunately in body you cannot meet her or Julie.  I know however and it makes me smile that you are here with me each and every day and you will be smiling down upon us as we hear her start to cry as she enters the world....I love you and miss you mom.

Missing you so!!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Missing you so!!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)

Hey mom,

Well Mom there are all kinds of things happening that I so wish you were here for.Our house is sold and Helens apartment is underway.I can see Kevin up there now shaking his head at all she has gathered and does not want to get rid of..LOL.

Its a huge change for us mom and sometimes it is overwhelming but I'll get through it..I have to for mark as the wood is just something he can't keep up with anymore.

Dads birthday is a few days away as is your anniversary and it makes me miss you so much.Dad is still doing great and we are so proud.We are going to your place to cook for him for his birthday!

Marks graduation is just around the corner..seems like just yesterday he was a baby.Time sure does fly.I'm doing a scrapbook for him which he will HATE now but appreciate in the know how he hates anything sentimental.

Anyway I just wanted to touch base and let you know whats going on although I know you are watching over us all!

love you always

Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom!!  / Serina LaSaga (daughter)

Hi Mom,

it's been awhile I know. Shocking eh. LOL!! Well it's been over a year and it seems like just yesterday I was calling you and asking you how to cook a roast. You were my chef boyardee. Now I ask Frances Ann all the time. Although she'll never be the cook you were. No offence sissy. LOL.

Had my birthday last week and your absence was yet again a hard one on me. But I think I did ok. Your baby is getting up there. The big 31.

Shanille is starting to sleep in her bedroom by herself now. One of us has to lay down with her until she falls asleep but she stays in there until about 5:00. It'll take some time.

Bradley is getting real excited as we all are. I'm finally getting a niece. Don't you worry, she will be told about the beautiful woman that we called Nana. But unfortunately like Shanille she will not know the depth. But we will try our best.

Mom I love you so much and I am living with a bit of guilt shall we say. You see...I should have spent more time with you. People tend to take so many things for granted...and you are one that I shouldn't have. I try now to make up for it by spending so much time with Dad. Just to make sure that I don't make the same mistakes with him.

Sometimes I live that horrible day and the only thing that comes to mind is coming to the two steel doors that are locked and seeing Brad smiling holding your chapstick because that is what I wanted to keep. It was always with you and it is something that I will keep always. Stepping through those doors, hugging Brad and walking with him into your room and seeing you laying there so peacefully. It was a good feeling because I knew you were no longer in pain. Your absence is felt by all but we are getting through it as I know that you would want us to.

Well Mom...I have a little girl to put to bed now. She's gonna sleep by herself tonight so there's a free side in her bed if you wanna hop in and cuddle a bit.

Love you so much Mom.

Sending kisses and hugs.

Hey Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Hey Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)

Its been awhile and I just wanted to speak to you for awhile and this is how I like to do it.Well another birthday has come and gone without hearing your voice but I always feel you near me.We had Dad Serina Shanille and Helen for supper and it was nice.Both the boys called so I had a good day.

I guess you know you have another grandaughter on the way.I am going to do an album for her so she will know all about you.Brad is so excited..sometimes he sounds like a kid at Christmas.I wish both she and Shanille would have had the opportunity to be with you as by boys did.

As for Dad he is still doing well.He tried cooking bologna the other day but said it was too crispy..he had the burner on wonder.I also left a note on the washer because he is going to start washing his own clothes.We are so proud of him he has come a long way.He still misses you dearly but is learning to live with the fact that you are gone.He and Shanille are very close.He babysat her again yesterday while Serina went to watch darts for awhile.He also goes to Stephenville with Serina alot.Last week he went with both of us and said never again..LOL.

Well Mom its Marks big year this year..Graduation! Dad and helen are attending the supper and everything and I am trying to get a ticket for Serina.He has a girlfriend now so he is in the crossing alot.He is going to college in the fall but he plans on going to the RCMP when he turns 18.I know you would be so proud of him.He drops in to see Dad almost every day and helps in whatever way he can.Tyler will be going to the highschool in the more babies.

Anyway Mom its been a hard year all around.Trying to fill the voids left by you and Kevin are hard.But we are going on like you would want us too.And we try to do as much as we can for both Dad and Helen.You are in my thoughts always and keep watching over us.I love and miss you!!

Marina - The best Baysitter they'll EVER have  / Meagan Bennett (She was my babysitter )  Read >>
Marina - The best Baysitter they'll EVER have  / Meagan Bennett (She was my babysitter )
To many people who may not have known - Marina was the caregiver and our "Nina" for many years. Tyson could barely say her name but when mom left for school - he would cry and cry and the only way to stop was for her to hold him. 

It is odd - as I am approaching 26 years of age and nearly 80% of my memories from my childhood are Marina. :-)

 Such memories as the way she was so beautiful and I would try to put curlers in my hair to imitate her beautiful up-do. She even would wear a plastic bag down to the house every day to protect the perfection of each strand! and to top it off - She was the ONLY person who knew how to give me the BEST NON-BUMPY pony tail!

I remember the way she made the BEST, and yes i mean the BEST Kraft Dinner and Balogna sandwiches. And the afternoon "stories" and the way she told me one day that whenever I played "teacher and school" downstairs on mom's old chalk board that she could hear everything through the heater grates...needless to say I toned it down afterwards. :-)

and.. The way she would scold me for teasing my little brother. And if I made him cry she would take away my Archie Comics. I soon learned to leave Tyson alone or else my days were gloomy. 

and ...I remember one particular day - she asked me if I wanted a balogna sandwich and I said no. Then when she sat down to watch young and the restless - I started whining for a balogna sandwich. She was like "Meagan! I just asked you" but being marina she went out and chopped a slice and made it for me. Then when she sat down again - I said "but Nina, you left the crust on it, and I don't like the crust, could you please cut the crust off" and while I was waiting for her to get angry - she just laughed and said "tomorrow, before my story you are getting a balogna sandwich with no crust" 
I asked no questions. that was it. so pretty much everyday there was a clear understanding that I was getting a balogna sandwich with no crust when I heard young and the restless tunes playing from the tv! :-)

I remember Serina coming down to see her mom at lunch and playing "airplane" with us. I remember the excited face she had when she told us all that Frances Ann was having a baby!
... And how she would let me go to her sister Margie's to play with Brenda after school. I remember her taking me up to her house and thinking one day I could grow up to have a beautiful clean home like her's and also... to find a husband cute like Bradley. ;-)

I remember she always smelled of beautiful perfume and had a great laugh. I will always remember the times she took care of me when I was sick. I remember one day in grade 2 when I ran home for lunch and ended up peeing myself - Marina helped clean me up and then helped me have a laugh about it.  I remember mostly, how she treated us like we were her own. and how loving and what a beautiful person she was - inside and out

and everytime I think of her - I always cry - She was a very influential and important part of my life in childhood and I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend more time in my adult life sharing things with her. She was more like a second mom, a nana and an aunt than my caregiver. We all loved her very much!

She will be missed by everyone, and especially by 4 kiddies (now adults) that lived at 49 church street.

Love Always 
May you rest in Peace

God please round up the children for the best babysitter they'll ever have :-)

Hard to believe its been a year!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Hard to believe its been a year!  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)
Hey Mom,
Its hard to believe you have been gone a year today.Serina Shanille and Dad were down for supper but as always there was a void only you could fill.Xmas went fine.Serina cooked supper and did a great job,you would have been proud.We also attempted Meat pies but they were nothing like yours.Anyway just wanted to say I love and miss you and you are always in my thoughts. Close
One Year!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)  Read >>
One Year!!  / Serina LaSaga (Daughter)
Hi Mom,
just decided to write you a little note because I am missing you dearly. It's days like this one that it really hits home that you are no longer here with us. I think about you everyday. Almost everything I do reminds me of you. I cooked Christmas supper this year and I think you would have been proud of me. I had a little help from Frances Ann but not too much. It turned out well. I didn't poison anyone. HAHA!! 

Shanille enjoyed Christmas this year. She's at the perfect age now. She now has everything you could imagine in Dora I would say. People ask what she got for Christmas and I say Wal-Mart. LOL!! I think Dad had an okay Christmas. He wasn't alone thankfully. 

Eddie is getting ready to go away to work. He has a job up in Alberta driving truck. Please look out for him in his travels. He's nervous because he's never been so far away before. Shanille and I won't be alone because we have Ron living here with us so he'll be some company for us. 

Well, Mom...I guess that's all for now. Shanille is asking for supper even though it's breakfast time. LOL!!

I love you so much Mom and will never forget you. 

Butterfly kisses to you Mom.

Love u

Serina Close
Missing you so!!  / Frances Ann (daughter)  Read >>
Missing you so!!  / Frances Ann (daughter)
Hey mom,The closer it gets to Xmas the more I miss you.Serina Shanille and I went up last week and decorated the tree and the house and it made me miss you so much.Shanille was so cute, she decorated the bottom of the tree and was so proud.You would enjoy her so much!She and Dad are very close..can you believe he even babysits her by himself now!She sure loves her Gramps.Just to let you know we sent a package off to Brad and Julie for Xmas..lots of gifts.Between Serina and I we got Dads shopping done because as he said Mom always took care of that.I wish Brad was coming for Xmas but he has his own family now and will be fine..Julie is such a wonderful person!Jamey will arrive on Thursday so Dad and all of us are so excited.I did an album for Shanille for Xmas all abut her Nana so she will never forget you.I MISS AND lOVE YOU MOM!! Close
Merry Christmas Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)  Read >>
Merry Christmas Mom  / Frances Ann Piercey (daughter)
Well Mom its been awhile.We are learning to cope with you gone but it does not make it hurt any less.There has been so much happening that it seems that there are not enough hours in the day.The big news is Brad and Julie are having a baby.some complications so I hope you can put in a good word!I can remember you saying ..I wonder will those boys ever settle down and marry!Shanille is growing and is so would enjoy her so much!Dad is doing well as we all are and I know you would be proud.Its really hard without you but we are doing our best.I cannot believe you will be gone a year in a few short weeks..we all miss you so much!!Jamey is coming home for Xmas and we are not worried about Brad like we normally would because he has a family now that he loves.By the way I remember the last words that you said to mark..always do well in school..grade 12 now and he made second class he remembers too!Anyway we love and miss you lots and you are in our hearts! Close
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